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SLS's co-founders, Rachel and Varhini, talk about life as a female entrepreneur, social media, relationships & much more on our laid-back podcast 

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Read blog posts about mental health, self love and self care written by our lovely Brand Ambassadors and featuring special guest posts!

Take Me Seriously S2 E01


Meet our brand ambassadors

Emma Pratt

Hi everyone! My name is Emma, I’m 23 years old and I live on Ottawa! Most of my time is spent working as an addictions counsellor, and I love what I do. The rest of my time is spent trying to do things I love. Reading, taking care of my skin, writing poetry, advocating for mental health awareness, and taking long hot baths are some of my favourite things to do in my free time! 

I love connecting with people, and listening to the stories that make us all who we are. 

Stay kind & gentle to yourselves, you’re all worth it! 

IG: @former.princess

Francesca Castor

Hi there! My name is Francesca and I’m a part-time blogger, writer, and wellness nerd. I want to use social media for good to spread good vibes and remind people how important mental health is. Besides trying to spread good energy into the world, I can be found at the gym, trying out new restaurants and trying to fit pop culture references into just about every conversation.   

IG: @francescacastorr

Emma Johnston

My name is Emma Johnston, I am from Rothesay, New Brunswick, but I currently live in Halifax. I am taking a Bachelor of Medical Sciences at Dalhousie University, and am unsure what I want to do after this degree. I love to travel, dance, do yoga, and spend time with my friends and my dog. I love being a brand ambassador for Self Love Supply because it allows me to have a space to celebrate me; and to help others celebrate themselves! I think self love is such an important part of maintaining your mental health. I live with depression and I am committed to ending the stigma surrounding mental illness. If you are interested in mental health advocacy, check out my (developing) mental health education program at mindatease.ca or @mindateasekv on Instagram or Facebook :) 

IG: @emmaejohnston