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Take Me seriously

SLS's co-founders, Rachel and Varhini, talk about life as a female entrepreneur, social media, relationships & much more on our laid-back podcast 

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Read blog posts about mental health, self love and self care written by our lovely Brand Ambassadors and featuring special guest posts!

Take Me Seriously S2 E03


Take Me Seriously S2 E03

Meet 3 of our brand ambassadors

Christina Neubauer

I'm a Chicagoan who, like most, will constantly complain about the cold weather. I live for 55 degrees or warmer. I have an overabundance of love for animals and will typically greet a dog before a human. I live on the city's North side with my longtime partner, our rescue dog, Billie and rescue rabbit, McNulty (though we often just call him Nutty). Basically a mental health warrior with a love of horror movies, photography, animals, and anything cute. 

IG: @scumbunny


Sarah DiVito

Hello Beautiful People!

My name is Sarah DiVito. I’m 22 years old and from North Carolina! I am so excited to bring my life & experiences to SLS and all of you, as well as learning as much as I can in the process. 

Here in NC, I work as a nanny but in my free time I love to make art, write, and spend time with my fur baby, Luna the Cat. Women’s mental health and body/sex positivity are issues close to my heart and everything I do is an effort to bring awareness to them! Through advocating for myself and others, I’m learning to love every part of myself & this life! I cannot with to share and grow with you all. 

Here’s to this new adventure!

IG: @sardivito 


Kristy Frenken-Francis

Hi loves! My name’s Kristy and I’m from Abbotsford, BC but currently living in Ottawa! I’m studying English literature and I write poetry, short stories, blog posts, and the occasional snarky or political tweet. I’ve lived with major depression and anxiety for a good majority of my life, but was also recently diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, so I’m slowly learning to navigate this new diagnosis with a lot of self love and self compassion. I’m extremely passionate about mental health advocacy and the importance of intersectionality when we talk about access to mental health care (yes I’m super fun at parties). Other than that, I’m a lover of animals, embroidery, bullet journalling, and peanut M&Ms! You can find me at thepotentialforjoy.ca

Instagram: @kristyf1504